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I'm Jane, an accredited International Association Color Consultant since 1997, and the founder of Designs to Thrive. Part of our organization's goal is to help people understand and use Universal Design to create more flexible, friendly living spaces where they can "age in place" if they choose. And, to learn more about how the right colors can enhance mood, feelings, and life, in general. Your home can be both beautiful and functional - a great way to help you thrive, at any age, at any stage of life.

My Story

           I ventured down the path of Universal Design as a framework for a living space for myself about six years ago. It was then that I realized I would soon be in a wheelchair and unable to navigate my current living environment. You see, I have FSH muscular dystrophy. It's a progressively degenerating muscle disease for which there is no cure. I knew I wanted to create a safe, comfortable, beautiful living space where I could thrive; not just survive. And, I wanted to do it before it was an immediate crisis. Through SAIL (Sharing Active Independent Lives), a 55+ member organization that helps older adults stay independent and live life intentionally; and TZ of Madison, a local remodeler well-versed in Universal Design, I began my journey.

           Living in my remodeled condo, I had more time and energy to focus on the things that matter -- the things that bring me joy -- instead of just getting through the day with chores of daily living. This has been so important to my quality of life and ability to remain independent! I want to spread the word, any way I can. 

             So, in addition to this website, I have been a Disability Rights Commissioner for the City of Madison, and a "Beyond Compliance" Task Team Member for Downtown Madison, Inc. .


Named "Contractor of the Year" by NARI, for its submission of my condominium as an example of remodeling to meet Universal Design requirements. TZ of Madison not only won this recognition locally; they went on to be named the 2018 Contractor of the Year in the Universal Design category both regionally and nationally.  

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